A fantastic way to capture your child’s first or second birthday!

We bring our studio to your house, along with a vinyl background/floor cover to help guard against flying buttercream as your little one digs their fingers into the cake. A ninety minute session gives the child time to settle down and enjoy things – we don’t like to rush them.


What you get from the sitting:

  • A free, password protected online album.
  • Twenty copyright free pictures on your choice of DVD, email or a USB stick.
  • A short “highlights” video of the sitting.
  • One 10″ x 8″ high quality print of the picture of your choice.

What we bring with us:

  • The background and floor cover to help keep the mess down.
  • Studio lighting.
  • Video camera and stills camera.

What about the cake?

There are many allergies we all have to be wary of nowadays. You know your child, so we recommend that you provide the cake. However, if you would like a professional one made, we can introduce you to a fantastic cake artist who can discuss with you exactly what you would like and cater for any dietary requirements.

What does it all cost?

For all of the above, we would charge you just £150. Obviously the cake would be extra if you chose to use our artist – you should expect to pay around £20 for an average sized cake.

What else can you have?

So the little one is now covered in cake, more often than not, chocolate cake. What better than to then put them in our bubble pool to clean up and have some bubbly fun! We use Johnson’s Top to Toe or Simple baby bath to ensure the little one’s skin is protected, but you are more than welcome to provide us with what you usually use for your child. Seven pictures and an additional 10″ x 8″ print are yours for an extra £50.

We can also offer our “greenscreen” service. This has a huge number of different scenes we can place your child in – perfect if you want to create Christmas cards or something a little different. This service carries an extra charge of £50.

Extra children, more time for the session, more photos, prints or DVDs/USB sticks are all negotiable too.

For your peace of mind, all our equipment is PAT tested and we have £2m public liability insurance too.